#StopAsianHate: Friday, March 26

On, Friday, March 26, we’re inviting you to join organizations, companies and individuals  for a Virtual Day of Action to #StopAsianHate. Ending this horrific spike in anti-Asian violence and racism starts with people like you speaking up.

Why Friday?

On March 26, 1790, the Naturalization Act was signed into law, prohibiting non-white people from becoming US citizens. 231 years later, racism towards the Asian community not only persists but is on the rise: Asian elders are being physically assaulted in the streets. Asian American children are afraid to go back to school. We are still grieving the murders of 6 Asian women in a racially-motivated killing spree in Atlanta last week.

What do I need to do?

  1. Post on Social Media using the hashtags #StopAsianHate and #326DayOfAction to show solidarity and have your content featured on this website.
    • Social share graphics can be found here.
  2. Share why you are standing up against hate.
    • Do: Talk about the intersections of racism, sexism, and white supremacy.
      • How do the recent attacks on the Asian American community make you feel?
      • Is this personal to you? Why or why not?
      • Why are you choosing to speak up?
    • Don’t: Pretending that Asian Americans are invisible, that they’re overly successful (“the model minority” myth), or that their “cultural values” are superior, only silences the reality of anti-Asian racism even more. It is used to divide Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities from each other and from other communities of color.
  3. Encourage your followers to post in support of the Day of Action on their own channels, and donate money to support efforts to stop Asian hate.
    • Remember to encourage them to use the hashtags #StopAsianHate and #326DayOfAction

About Us

Under the leadership of Congresswoman Grace Meng and California Assemblyman Evan Low, we are a group of community advocates coming together to activate, mobilize, and inspire our communities to stand in solidarity with Asian Americans. Learn more about the community actions we’re recommending from this Day of Action

Additional Resources

Learn more about the Day of Action: asianamericandayofaction.com