We can all take actions toΒ #StopAsianHate. See Toolkit & Graphics: https://bit.ly/326ToolkitΒ & List of Actions to take: http://bit.ly/326Actions
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The videos above give voice to the victims of anti-Asian hate crimes and feature prominent AAPI artists, including Kelly Marie Tran, Constance Wu, MILCK, David Henry Hwang, Representative Grace Meng (D-NY), Isa Briones, Jon Jon Briones, Jake Choi, Daniel K. Isaac, Brooke Ishibashi, Arielle Jacobs, Zoe Jensen, Francis Jue, Michelle Krusiec, Hoon Lee, C.S. Lee, Ken Leung, Paolo Montalban, Chef Nini Nguyen, Courtney Reed, Vincent Rodriguez III, George Salazar, Isabel Sandoval, Chantal Thuy, Tamlyn Tomita, Sam Tsui, Charlotte Mary Wen, Jeff Yang, and Hudson Yang.Β 

The campaign was coordinated by Jess McLeod, Arianna Afsar, Eric Keen-Louie, Lauren Yee, Parag Parikh, and Stefani Kuo.

The recent tragic shooting in Atlanta should be a wake-up call for all of us. We can no longer stay silent. There have been more than 3,800 Anti-Asian hate crimes reported since the pandemic, 68% of which were against Asian women. This needs to STOP!

We must speak up, share our stories, and take action. To say #StopAsianHate


β€œThe previous administration used racially charged rhetoric to frame Asian Americans as β€˜foreigners’ and β€˜others’ and scapegoat our communities as the cause of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are seeing the fallout of that rhetoric manifest through the escalation in verbal and physical assaults on our families and friends, especially against Asian women. The March 26th Day of Action is an opportunity for us to stand up for ourselves and our ancestors who worked hard and sacrificed to make America our home,” said Rep. Grace Meng (D-NY).

β€œThe COVID-19 pandemic has been an exhausting and emotionally trying time for many Americans across all demographics. The Anti-Asian rhetoric surrounding the pandemic has only served to intensify and compound that emotional toll for a community that has always had difficulty finding its voice and place in society,” said Cam Ashling, Chairwoman of the Asian American Action Fund – Georgia Chapter and AAPI Outreach Director for Jon Ossoff’s Senate runoff campaign. β€œWe are being insulted, assaulted, and targeted; especially Asian women. Now is the time to start a broad, deep, and nuanced conversation about where Asians fit in America. This is our home. We are not the β€˜others,’ but rather your sisters and brothers.”

β€œWe are often treated as an invisible minority,” said DNC AAPI Caucus Chair Bel Leong-Hong.Β  β€œThis video series, and the broader Stop Asian Hate movement at large, is a critical step in giving voice to the voiceless and reclaiming our identity as part of the fabric of this nation.”

β€œThe Asian diaspora is incredibly diverse, representing nearly 50 countries and 2,300 languages. These differences can be manipulated to pit our communities against one another, but we cannot let that happen. Especially when it comes to matters of our collective equality, dignity, and safety,” said Gingger Shankar, Composer of We Will Rise. β€œWe stand united to Stop Asian Hate.”

β€œWe put the call out in grief and artists responded with action. We will use every platform at our disposal to provoke a national conversation to Stop Asian Hate and link arms with all those who are fighting white supremacy,” said Jess McLeod, Resident Director of Hamilton Chicago.

β€œI am grateful for the contributions of these passionate leaders and trailblazers from across the Asian community,” said Parag Parikh, of South Asians for Biden. β€œThey know the importance of telling Asian stories and making our voices heard in this critical time.”

β€œWhile the entire nation is shaken by the tragedy in Atlanta, our community is especially devastated and traumatized by our loss. But I am proud to see us uniting to speak up, mourn and heal together. It’s also comforting and beautiful to receive overwhelming support from other communities. I see hope for humanity,” said Hannah Kim, who organized a Worldwide Vigil to remember the victims of the Atlanta shooting that killed eight people, including six women of Korean and Chinese descent.